Employment After Graduation?

The universities in Ontario contribute data to the “Common University Data Ontario” (CUDO) database, and this can be interesting to look at when considering applications and offers.  You can select several universities and a specific piece of data, and do some side-by-side comparisons.  One of the questions we often get from applicants and parents is about employment prospects after graduation from Engineering.  Everyone worries about graduating and not being able to find a job, so let’s look at that specific piece of information for several universities. Continue reading

University Rankings: Round 4 – Times Higher Ed

Next up in the international university rankings, we have the 2012/2013 Times Higher Education (THE) rankings.  More specifically, we’ll look at the Engineering & Technology rankings.


I’ve had trouble trying to figure out this methodology.  According to their website, the weighting of the different factors is given at the foot of the tables, but I can’t find it!  So here’s a summary of the general methodology (used for overall rankings?), although it may be a bit different for the Engineering & Technology subject grouping. Continue reading

University Rankings: Round 2 – Webometrics

The “Ranking Web of Universities” or Webometrics ranking was recently updated.  I have never noticed it in the past, so it’s new to me.  The first thing to say is that it is a university-wide ranking, and not specific to Engineering.  In the sub-section for Canada, Waterloo ranks #11, and #198 worldwide.  Not bad I suppose, but as usual let’s look at what it is actually measuring. Continue reading