Last minute decisions

Last Saturday we had our You@Waterloo Day, where applicants holding offers to Waterloo Engineering (and other programs) can visit, ask questions, and take tours.  I met some very nice, bright young people and their families.  Some have already accepted our offer and are just taking a look around to get prepared for September, clearly excited about the idea.

Others are still weighing their options, and it’s certainly a tough decision to make.  Different programs to compare, different universities, different cities, pros and cons, etc.  We usually try not to “convince” anyone to come to Waterloo, even though we obviously think it’s a great place.  That’s a very personal decision, and we know Waterloo is not the best choice for everyone.  If we can simply answer their questions as openly and completely as possible, that will give them the information they need to make the choice that is right for them.


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