First Month of Waterloo Engineering / Bo Peng’s World

First Month of Waterloo Engineering / Bo Peng’s World.

I like these student blogs that give an example of what university life can be like in one of our programs.

9 thoughts on “First Month of Waterloo Engineering / Bo Peng’s World

  1. Hi prof,
    A bit off topic here but I don’t know where else I could ask it. Does engineering (software – if that matters) give deferrals for a year? I would like to take a gap year but would not want to risk losing my spot at waterloo if I was accepted.

      • Hi professor,
        Are deferrals accepted without conflict involving reason or program? I’m also interested in SoftEng but fear I may need to work a year to save up. I know how limited space in the SoftEng program is so I would just like to verify.

  2. Hey Professor Anderson! Would you happen to know how large the entering class for mechanical engineering will be this year (or how large it has been in previous years)? I’ve been trying to find that information on Waterloo’s website but have only been able to find the size of the entire engineering class.

  3. This is also off topic, but with first year students who have taken IB Maths (either SL or HL) or AP, do you think they have had an advantage during first year – when it comes to the jump between Ontario high school math and university math?

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