A Few More Offers

Recently we were able to process a batch of offers for applicants from outside the Ontario high school system (Form 105 applicants).  Similar to our earlier Form 101 round of offers, this is a limited number based on what documents we have reviewed so far.  There are still something like 60 to 70% of the spaces in each program unfilled at this point, and everyone continues to be considered in our upcoming round.

From now until about the end of April we continue to review documents, AIFs, and interviews in preparation for our main round of offers in May.  The exact timing of those offers is impossible to predict.  We have to wait to get the electronic grade data from Ontario high schools before we can start, so it’s somewhat dependent on them.  I guess we’ll see how it goes.  Thankfully our offers can now be electronically posted on our Quest system, so we’re not scrambling to mail them to applicants in a narrow window of time.

6 thoughts on “A Few More Offers

  1. Hi Prof,

    I’m a 105 D applicant and I’m wondering if I should send my term 2 marks to Waterloo. I’m also wondering if I should submit my SAT score (1530) but want to know how much it will help me.

    Thank you

  2. Hi Professor,
    I’m a 105F applicant, and a number of the other Universities I applied to posted a May 1st deadline for the program decisions. Do you think I would have a response from Waterloo Engineering by then, or should I email someone in Admissions for help.
    Thank you!

  3. Hi professor,I’m a permant resident here and I already did one year in electrical engineering in my home country,now I’m refreshing high school because they’re more than two years old and I’ll apply in 2019,
    I read in admission guidelines that if someone repeats a high school courses ,marks are deducted from his/her total admission score,I got 95 percent marks in physics and chem,85 percent in English and 99 percent in maths on my first attempt, how much do I have to score now to get admission in electrical engineering??can I get an early offer if I complete high school courses in term 3.

    • These situations are always complicated and there are no specific answers. It’s all case-by-case, and also depends on grades from the previous institution. Give it a try, but also keep your options open by applying to other universities.

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