Communicating With E-Mail

Another great set of suggestions. I would add that poor communication skills may be noted in an applicant’s file and have negative consequences.

Dear Miss Admissions,

Dear Readers,

Effective communication via electronic mail is crucial to the admissions process. There are times when a personal telephone call is not convenient, (see Miss Admissions post: Phone Impressions Have Lasting Impact), perhaps you are contacting a University in a different time zone, or you have just one or two burning admissions questions.

Let us take a moment to review e-mail etiquette, to insure that the admissions office sees you, the potential applicant, in the best possible light.

1. Do not use text-speak. While Miss Admissions acknowledges our day-to-day informal communications may include clever abbreviations and acronyms that save our text-weary thumbs from overuse- Admissions representatives will not be impressed! Rather they will be LOL-(ing) and thinking β€œR U siris?” Keep in mind that some text-speak is regional, like all slang, and you may be insulting the reader rather than astounding them with your language skills.

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