What do engineers actually do?

Some great real-life examples of what an engineer might do!

life as a woman in engineering

We solve problems… like…

Why is a factory conveyor breaking annually when it was designed to last 10 years? Is the same part failing every time? Is the part defective? Or is there a design flaw? Is it run and maintained correctly?

How thick should the glass be on the on the latest, greatest smartphone? Consider tradeoffs across multiple design parameters including drop tests, cost, weight, manufacturing capability, and clarity.

Customers are returning appliances all made between March and June for a burnt plastic odor. What is the source of the odor? Are all the products leaving the factory today going to have the same problem? Or was it confined to a single lot? What countermeasures can be put in place to eliminate the problem?

A plastic extrusion process is consuming 50% more energy in one plant compared to another. Figure out why and reduce energy usage.

Use stress analysis…

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