University of Waterloo sun safety startup wins a Dyson award

Following up on a previous post about this Nanotechnology Engineering student group, this is apparently the first time Canadian undergraduate students have won a James Dyson Award.  Congratulations!

University of Waterloo sun safety startup wins a Dyson award.

6 thoughts on “University of Waterloo sun safety startup wins a Dyson award

  1. Hey professor! Do UW Engineering students participate in any design contests (on a provincial or national level)? Do you know what the contest(s) is/are called?

      • Thanks for the info! I was just wondering though how students are chosen to participate in the contests. Is it more on a volunteer basis or do professors choose competent students? Or some other method?

  2. I apologize in advance if you aren’t able to answer the following question, but I think I’ll pose it anyways:

    Do you know why there seems to be such variation in engineering tuition across universities? What exactly goes into the cost differences? Is it mostly based on supply and demand?

    I ask this because I’ve been looking at university finances and I’ve noticed that Waterloo & Uoft engineering charge around $12,800/yr while, for example, the University of Ottawa only charges $7,500 or so. Is such a disparity justified?

    • I think Ottawa’s tuition is closer to $9,500, according to their website. Waterloo has always been a bit more expensive because of the cost of running a massive co-op program. In general, to maintain top quality teaching labs, equipment and faculty, it costs more. Supply and demand probably plays some role too.


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