What’s New for April 2016

Things have been unusually busy lately, with coursework, research projects, student supervision, and admissions (of course).  So, this blog will suffer somewhat and my ability to respond to comments is limited.  But here’s what is new or coming up shortly:

  1. We recently said farewell to our Associate Director of Admissions, Ally Morrow.  An opportunity suddenly came up which was an excellent fit for her personal and career goals, and she is now the Assistant Director for MBA Marketing and Recruitment at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto.  Some of our Engineering graduates might encounter her if they want to pursue MBA degrees later.
  2. We are wrapping up the last of the AIF reviewing, for the ones that were submitted by the March 18 deadline.
  3. For the next few weeks we will be finishing up the review of transcripts and documents sent in for non-Ontario applicants.
  4. Once we receive the grades for the Ontario high school second semester (in late April) we’ll start the final round of offers.  The exact dates are uncertain, but offers will likely flow in the first week of May, together with our scholarship decisions too.

It looks like this year we received about 12,000 applications to engineering (not including our Architecture program), so that’s up about 1,500 from last year.  I anticipate that we will have lots of hard decisions to make in this final round of offers.


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