Chances for 2019

Since I’ve left the Admissions role I’m not going to post my traditional graphic of chances for the upcoming cycle, BUT let me introduce you to a new Waterloo engineering admissions-focused blog where you can find it:   The Road to Engineering

Follow that blog for updates on current Waterloo Engineering admissions news, suggestions and updates, including some information about the upcoming Ontario Universities Fair.


4 thoughts on “Chances for 2019

  1. Hi profbillanderson, was not sure where to ask this (and I know you were on engineering admissions, not math admissions. I thought you might still have an idea.) but here goes:

    For entry into the faculty of mathematics programs which has high school prerequisites of ENG4U (english), MHF4U(advanced functions), and MCV4U(calculus/vectors), will admissions chances be affected by taking MHF4U in the second semester? Normally, MHF4U is a prerequisite to calculus which should be taken in first semester, but I am allowed to take them concurrently in the second semester at my school. Will admissions decisions be affected by taking 2 courses in first semester, and 4 courses in the second semester including MHF4U and MCV4U + 2 other M/U level courses? Does the faculty of mathematics prefer seeing a final mark in MHF4U oppose to the midterm mark?


  2. Dear Sir,
    I have a question regarding the chances for 2019 graph in road to engineering blog.
    According to it, it seems that getting into Waterloo engineering programs is easier in 2019 compared to 2018 (excluding biomedical and software). For mechatronics engineering, according to the 2018 graph, you have a lower probability of getting in with a 96% average compared to 2019….
    What is the reason for this anomaly?


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