Chances for 2019

Since I’ve left the Admissions role I’m not going to post my traditional graphic of chances for the upcoming cycle, BUT let me introduce you to a new Waterloo engineering admissions-focused blog where you can find it:   The Road to Engineering

Follow that blog for updates on current Waterloo Engineering admissions news, suggestions and updates, including some information about the upcoming Ontario Universities Fair.


30 thoughts on “Chances for 2019

  1. Hi profbillanderson, was not sure where to ask this (and I know you were on engineering admissions, not math admissions. I thought you might still have an idea.) but here goes:

    For entry into the faculty of mathematics programs which has high school prerequisites of ENG4U (english), MHF4U(advanced functions), and MCV4U(calculus/vectors), will admissions chances be affected by taking MHF4U in the second semester? Normally, MHF4U is a prerequisite to calculus which should be taken in first semester, but I am allowed to take them concurrently in the second semester at my school. Will admissions decisions be affected by taking 2 courses in first semester, and 4 courses in the second semester including MHF4U and MCV4U + 2 other M/U level courses? Does the faculty of mathematics prefer seeing a final mark in MHF4U oppose to the midterm mark?


  2. Dear Sir,
    I have a question regarding the chances for 2019 graph in road to engineering blog.
    According to it, it seems that getting into Waterloo engineering programs is easier in 2019 compared to 2018 (excluding biomedical and software). For mechatronics engineering, according to the 2018 graph, you have a lower probability of getting in with a 96% average compared to 2019….
    What is the reason for this anomaly?

  3. Dear Dr. Anderson
    I’m a BC applicant for 2019, and I’m extremely interested in AI Machine Learning and Robotics Feedback Control Systems. I did well on my AP Calculus BC and AP Physics C Exams. However, I completed prerequisites through distance education, and I’m repeating my English 12 because the first attempt was way too low (below 70). Are these factors going to significantly downgrade my AIF score for admission?

    • Since I’m no longer directly involved with admissions I can’t say for sure. But in the past years, repeating one of the Grade 12 required courses would be a significant negative factor so you should make sure to consider alternative plans too.

  4. Hi profbillanderson, I was curious about summer school credits and how they factor into the admission process for Waterloo Engineering.

    If one was to take all three sciences in high school (chemistry, physics, biology) and took physics in summer school, due to the fact full IB (International Baccalaureate) diploma program only allows for 2 IB sciences at their school, would this affect their admission when applying to engineering? And if the average was to be adjusted, what would the grade adjustment be if one received a gr.11 physics Grade of 85%, and then a 95% received in grade 12 summer school. Would it be worth it to drop the IB programme to fit in physics into day school?


    • I can’t comment on current practices in admissions, but in the past there were no adjustments for summer school courses (for engineering admissions) if the reasons were good and the marks were not unusually high. It’s not unusual for some IB students to do physics in summer school because of the program limitations. Whether to drop IB or not is more of a personal decision, but I wouldn’t necessarily drop it just for the physics if you enjoy it otherwise.

  5. Hi professor, I read your post back from 2013 regarding transfers from other universities, and you mentioned that you guys don’t really care about high school marks after students have already started at the other university. Is this still true? Other people (literally everyone that I’ve asked) said that high school marks do still matter, even when transferring from another respected engineering program. If that isn’t true anymore, and high school marks do matter, could you say how much it will impact a transfer application?

    Thank you!

    • Things may change with the new admissions team, but in the recent past university grades were much more important because they are a more reliable indicator of how an applicant will perform in a university-level course. To put it another way, excellent high school grades can’t make up for weak university course performance, and weak high school grades will generally be not a concern if the university grades are excellent. It’s complicated though, so every situation is looked at in detail on a case by case basis.

      • I have a question too about the transfer process. From the previous university, are only the fall term marks taken? Or are the winter term marks taken as well?

  6. Hi Professor Anderson,

    Will changing to a different engineering program after having already submitted the AIF negatively effect my chances? I will have to make amendments on the AIF. Specifically, I am looking to change from Mechatronics to Software.

    Thank You.

  7. Hi Professor Anderson,

    If an Ontario IB student were to take Higher Level Math as opposed to Standard Level or even regular Ontario Calculus and Vectors, would the admissions team be able to differentiate between them since they all have identical course codes? Furthermore, how would the team be able to tell whether or not an Ontario student took IB?

    Thank you.

    • Assuming that things are still the same, the Ontario school data the universities receive has a flag that indicates if it is an IB certificate or diploma program. I don’t think that higher and standard levels are specifically identified, which is why our AIF provides an opportunity to clarify what courses are in progress.

  8. Hi Professor Anderson,

    I have applied to CS, CE and Math co-op and have an average of 97.2. Will I get an admission decisions one by one for the choices or all together?

      • My friend with lower average and less ECs applied only to Maths co-op and he received an offer while I applied to three choices mentioned in the above question. Does it mean I have lower chance of acceptance now?

  9. Dear Professor, If I have applied for CS and Mathematics they consider that i am candidate eligible to get computer science then they will not give me early offer of mathematics. If my first choise is computer science and second choise is mathematics?

  10. Hi Professor,

    I am a student applying from India studying in CBSE board. I have submitted 10th grade and 12th predicted scores. Do I need to submit any additional scores, if I have applied for Computer Engineering?

  11. Hello, in your external transfer post back in 2013, you said that a 75%+ equivalent average was good to be considered a competitive applicant… is that still the case today? or has the competition increased?

    • I suspect that it’s somewhat higher now, especially for the more competitive programs. A transfer applicant needs to really stand out, otherwise there is not a lot of reason to accept them.

  12. Hi Professor Anderson, I was just wondering if it would detrimental for me to change my alternative choices on my AIF right now (March 15th) after the first rounds of admissions (I’m assuming first round is over as it was mentioned that you guys typically try to release all offers on the same day). In addition, if I do change it, do I have to change it as an amendment?
    Much Thanks, Min


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