Phone Impressions Have Lasting Impact

Very wise advice here!

Dear Miss Admissions,

Dear Readers,

I am often asked when, exactly, does the admissions process begin. There is one correct answer to this question.

The college admission process begins with your very first contact with a college or university. This may happen in several ways- you may visit a college website, meet a recruiter at an event or counseling session, perhaps you made a phone call or sent an email to an admissions officer. These first impressions are more important than you may think, and may indeed have an impact on your application.

It is extremely unfortunate that with the advent of the age of information, many of us have lost valuable social skills. Miss Admissions and her recruitment and admissions colleagues have noticed an alarming trend in terrible telephone and electronic mail communications. What is even worse, is that applicants have no idea that they are missing a valuable opportunity to make…

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