An example of news about Waterloo student-created spin-off companies. At one time I thought it would be a good idea to create a list of such ventures, but I suspect it would be a huge undertaking and I’ve got other stuff to work on.

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In FP Tech Desk’s Startup Roundup series, we take a look at Canadian startup news from the past week.

Thalmic Labs heads to Y Combinator

The latest Waterloo-born company to take part in Silicon Valley’s Y Combinator accelerator program is gesture control technology maker Thalmic Labs.

Notable predecessors include the teams behind the Pebble smart watch, Google-acquired BufferBox and video-marketing platform Vidyard (which just this Monday announced an integration with inbound marketing software firm HubSpot).

This week I spoke with Thalmic co-founder and CEO Stephen Lake, who will be shuttling back and forth between California and the company’s home base in the VeloCity space at Communitech in Kitchener during the three-month program, which started in early January and culminates with a demo day of pitches to potential investors.

YC, as it’s often called, doesn’t have a set workspace or curriculum but offers startups the chance to attend office…

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