Engineering 7 Rising

My office overlooks the site where our new “Engineering 7” building is under construction.  I’ve been taking a few photos with my Blackberry Classic over the months, and here is a pictorial view of progress so far.  That’s our “Engineering 5” building in the background, where the “Sedra Student Design Centre” is located with various student design teams space.

One of the main reasons for building E7 is to provide much-needed space for undergraduate programs, especially mechatronics and biomedical engineering.  However students in all programs will benefit from the larger student workshop space, the Engineering Ideas Clinic (for hands-on project based learning), more project space, and closer access to the Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre (for student start-up company and innovation support).  More descriptions, floor plans, and pictures are available at the Engineer the Future website.

3 thoughts on “Engineering 7 Rising

  1. Hi Professor,
    Will the construction of of these new buildings cause there to be an increase in the number of people admitted into the mechatronics and biomedical programs, or engineering in general for the 2017 wave of admissions? WIll it be a significant increase?

    If so, do you expect the admission averages to lower?

    Thank you,

    • The biomedical and mechatronics programs will probably be increasing by about 5 to 10 spaces each, but I doubt that it will have much effect on the admission averages since it’s a relatively small change.

    • Hi J, current Biomedical Engineering student. The space was actually increased in this year’s cycle from 55 in my year to ~75 this year. So program is definitely increasing in size, and hope it grows more with E7!


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