How to Get an Early Offer

Lots of applicants are keen on getting an “early offer”, which for Waterloo Engineering is typically in the early March to early April timeframe (the final offer round is in early May).  There is no particular benefit to getting an early offer, other than relief from the stress of uncertainty.  Actually, there is a downside:  a few people with early offers relax too much and lose out on scholarships (which are decided in May) or sometimes even lose their offer when their final grades come out.  But most are OK, so how to get one of these early offers?  Following is a list of things to do:

  • Apply to one of our engineering programs through OUAC by mid to late January.
  • Submit your Admission Information Form (AIF) by February 8 (or soon thereafter).
  • If applicable, submit your proof of English language proficiency by early to mid February (TOEFL, IELTS, or other test scores).
  • If you’re not in a regular Ontario secondary school, submit your first semester grades as soon as possible.  (If you’re a regular day school student in Ontario, your school will submit them electronically, so no need to do anything.)

That’s about it.  The key is to have things submitted early, generally by early to mid-February, even though some deadlines are later.  If you get everything submitted, here’s how we will typically make the early offer decisions in early March through April:

  1. If the AIF is not submitted, we will not make an offer, so those are screened out first.
  2. If the English language proficiency is missing or uncertain, we will not make an offer.
  3. If there are fewer than 3 marks for the Grade 12 required courses (or equivalents), we will usually not make an offer.  We prefer to wait until more of the required course grades are available.
  4. For any of the missing required Grade 12 courses, we will use the relevant Grade 11 course as part of the average. (E.g. if you haven’t taken Grade 12 Chemistry yet, we’ll use your Grade 11 Chemistry mark.)  After we calculate an average, we see if it falls in the top half of the applicant pool (based on last year’s numbers).  If it does, then we’ll probably give an offer if nothing else looks unusual (e.g. repeated courses, inconsistent Grade 11 versus Grade 12 marks, any other missing data).

So, with this process we fill about 35 to 40% of our spaces, then wait until May when we have the rest of the data and Grade 12 grades to use in the final big competition.  As always, our goal is to try to be as fair as possible when comparing applications.  Also, we have a lot of applications, so it takes time to work through them all.

If you don’t get an early offer?  Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you’re not a very good applicant or we are snubbing you in some way.  As noted above, perhaps some of the information was not available or delayed, so we decided to wait to be fair to everyone.  Many of our applicants will get offers from other (less competitive) schools before they hear from us, so that’s normal too.  Your final decision isn’t needed until early June, so still lots of time to consider your options.

138 thoughts on “How to Get an Early Offer

  1. “After we calculate an average, we see if it falls in the top half of the applicant pool (based on last year’s numbers). ”

    Would the average consist of admission factors as well as the AIF score?

  2. For early admission, do you only use the average of the 5 grade 12/11 prerequisites, or do you do a top 6 with the prerequisites and the next highest grade 12 mark. The reason that I am asking is because my next highest mark in my first semester is a mid 70 and it is not going to be part of my final top 6 from both semesters. Would this mean that the 70 is used for calculating the early admission average, or would a grade 11 mark be used.

    • For Ontario students, we use only the 5 prerequisite courses. As you say, the 6th course is not settled or easily identified at the early offer stage. We’ll include a sixth course for the main round of offers in May.

      • What if you took a grade 12 course before and received 100%? Will that be included in the top 6 in the early admission stage? Or is the computer told to ignore all other courses other than the prerequisites?

      • For the early admissions, we only look at the five prerequisite courses for Ontario students. We don’t have a system in place to automatically identify the “sixth” course at that stage, so we leave it out until the later round in May.

  3. Hi,

    I applied to Software Engineering. I think I have a pretty good AIF, but in my first semester I only had two of the five prerequisite courses. Am I still eligible for February/March early admission?

    Also, do you consider the AIF for early admission? I submitted mine on February 7th (one day before the deadline). How will that affect my chances?

    I know from talking to current engineering students that the first offers for engineering went out around the 20th of February. Will it be the same this year?


    • We’re a bit hesitant with 2 courses, but it depends on what the Grade 11 marks are like. If they are very high, we might go ahead with just the 2 courses completed. If the AIF has been submitted and read/scored that might help too. We will probably have some offers out by the end of February, but I’m not sure about a specific date yet.

      • Hello Professor,
        I plan to apply upcoming fall.

        By end of first semester, I will complete 3 prerequisite courses(Physics, English, and Math)
        I’ve already finished advanced functions in grade 11, and was able to score very high (98%)
        Since math is being double weighed, do I have a good shot at early submission(I don’t have caculus until 2nd semester)?
        Will the falculty use my grade 11 chemistry mark (95%) as a prediction for grade 12?

        Thank you

      • Yes, we would use Grade 11 chemistry as an estimate of Grade 12, if that mark is not available. Your marks are quite high, so it seems positive for an early round offer.

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  5. Does the inconsistency from grade 11 and 12 marks make a big difference? Like If you got a 70 on English in gr 11 but got a 90 in gr 12. And do they only look at 4 prerequisite courses for early acceptance since calculus is always second semester? Or do they use the grade 11 math mark in place of calculus.

    • Inconsistency in one course is not a big deal. Even if it’s all the courses it’s OK. It just raises questions about what’s going on (for example, is it due to a recent move to a private school?). Yes, only 4 courses can be looked at, with Math double weighted in the average to account for the unavailable calculus grade.

  6. In the response above you said that the math is double weighted. By this do you mean the grade 11 math is double weighted or the grade 12 advanced functions is double weighted? I am interested since by January I will have finished English, Physics, Advanced functions and possibly grade 12 chemistry (depends if I have It first semester or second). I also want to ask if you’d recommend having chemistry 12 in first semester or second semester to be a better candidate for early admission(I am expecting to have a similar or higher mark in chemistry 12 relative to my grade 11 chemistry(90%).

    • We double weight the Grade 12 Adv Functions, assuming we have it (which is typically the case; although in non-semestered schools we usually have both Adv Functions and Calculus & Vectors so we just use each of those). In your scenario, it doesn’t particularly matter in which semester you take chemistry. You’ll have 3 Grade 12 required courses done, and a decent chemistry mark one way or the other.

      • Ok that’s great then. I also wanted to know, if I applied to mechatronics and had chemical engineering as my second option. If I also had like a 92% average in January(well the end of 1st semester), then would you think I would get it into mechatronics or just aim for chemical engineering? Since I’ve heard mechatronics requires a much higher average than chemical engineering, but I’m highly interested in both of those disciplines. So essentially, would a 92% average cut it for early admission for mechatronics(because I really want an early admission so I can have some peace at mind).

      • It’s very hard to know in advance. Mechatronics was only slightly more competitive than chemical this past year. A 92% may be borderline for early admission for both programs. I would just apply to the one you want the most, and just see what happens.

  7. Hi sir, I’ll be looking to apply to Mechatronics for Fall 2014. Currently I have a 90 in Economics which is not a prerequisite course. I go to a semi semestered school meaning I’ll have a mark for chem and physics (not final), a final advanced functions mark and a final ENG 4U7 mark. That means that I have all the 5 prerequisites except calculus and vectors. You said you double count the advanced functions mark for early acceptance. I study in the IB program so is there any sort of advantage of having that 7 in stead of 1 in my credit. As in if I earn a 90.5% average with my five prerequisites, will I get early acceptance instead of a borderline 92% 5 prerequisite average required for early acceptance?

    • It’s really hard to know in advance where the line will be for early offers. It depends on how the other applicants’ marks are looking. Having 4/5 of the required course grades is positive though.

  8. So does it means that a grade 11 mark will not be looked at unless the corresponding grade 12 is unavailable? And if i can only submit the first semester grades for some grade 12 courses, would you use those marks or would you look at the grade 11 prerequisites instead since the grade 12 marks are incomplete? I’m asking this because i think some of my grade 11 grades may not be good enough.

    • Yes, for the average calculation we use the Grade 12 required course marks if available at that point in time. If not available, we use the Grade 11 mark for an equivalent course. I wouldn’t say Grade 11 marks are never looked at. If the early round admission average is OK but the Grade 11 average was low, we might hold off on an offer until the later round to see if the required course marks in the second semester stay high (usually calculus will be one of those marks).

  9. Hello Professor, I wanted to inquire of what you meant when you said, “If there are fewer than 3 marks for the Grade 12 required courses (or equivalents), we will usually not make an offer”. When you mean equivalents, do you mean the Grade 11 course that is a prerequisite to the required course? By the end of first semester, I will be officially completed English, Physics, Advanced Functions, Accounting and Economics. Would this be sufficient enough for an early offer, as i have completed three of the five required courses?

    • In that context, by equivalents I meant required courses that are equivalent in other school systems (like IB, British A levels, French Baccalaureate, etc., where the term “Grade 12” is not applicable). In your example, you will have 3 marks for the required courses, so that’s good for consideration.

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  11. Hi Professor, i have a question: How do you handle distributed learning? I took two online courses before and was thinking if they would be looked at differently, those two are both pre-requisites courses and were taken at a school that’s part of our school board system, will they be counted as the normal courses?

  12. Hi! If we’re taking Calculus 12 in semester 2 and we’re hoping for an early acceptance, will our Adv Function 12 mark or our grade 11 math mark be used for admission average purposes? Thank you!

    • Almost no one has finished Calculus for the early round, so we use the Advanced Functions course x2 (i.e. it’s double weighted). We will look at Grade 11 math just to see if it was reasonably good and consistent with the Advanced Functions grade.

      • Yes, it’s something you can discuss on the AIF. It’s not viewed as suspicious, but simply might make us wait until the final offer round in May to see the rest of the Grade 12 marks.

  13. Hi Professor, Ihave a question about putting 2 other choices in AIF. Do I have to strategize the order of them? Say if I put chemical in my core choice on OUAC, and mention mechanical (2nd) and civil (3rd) in the AIF. Will I get a lesser chance when it comes to a second round of consideration for civil. In other words, would a lot of spots in civil have been filled by then and lessened my chance, versus if I would have put civil in the first choice? I have equal interests in all three. Thanks for your time.

    • No it doesn’t usually affect your chances. But we do assume that your choices are listed in order of preference, so you’ll only be considered for 3rd choice if the first two aren’t successful.

  14. Hi, I am very interested in attending the chemical engineering program. I am from Mexico so I am a bit confused about what to do to have good chances at getting accepted. I phoned the University of Waterloo and they told me that the programs are very competitive. I mentioned to them that I am 29 years old and that I finished high school 11 years ago. I am taking the prerequisite courses through the Independent Learning Centre at this moment. I got very nervous when they told me that the programs at university of Waterloo were designed for people who are getting out of high school. I do not understand why but I would like to know it the information is correct or they were just trying to tell me that it would be harder for me since I have not attended school for so long. I was a very good student when I went to high school, my high school diploma average was 98, however, that was long time ago. I would like to know if I even have any chances of getting accepted. I believe that I can still be a good student, but I just need to go back to a study routine. I am taking 2 of the five prerequisite courses and I am doing awesome, above 95 percent. My question here is, do you think that I have chances regardless the fact that I am 29 years old and I have not attended school for so long? Would I be considered different because of it? would it really be harder? What is what the admission officers look for in the prospect student? I know that I am capable of being a good student but I got concerned after talking to the admission department. Thanks a lot for your answers.

    • Age is not a factor, but we do require that applicants have finished the prerequisite courses within the last couple of years. So it’s good that you’re doing them through ILC, and that is what we will base our decisions on. What the office meant was that our program is a continuation of the material in the Ontario Grade 12 curriculum, and it needs to be fresh in your mind to have a good chance of success in our program (which is why we want to see recent courses). You should contact with your name and background, and you will get connected with an engineering Admissions Officer who can help guide you through the process over the coming months.

  15. Hello, I am a partial IB student from BC and wish to get an early offer to be relieved of stress. However, I am taking IB English, and it is a year-long course. I see that if my English proficiency is missing or uncertain, I will not be considered for an early offer. Therefore, on my transcript, there will only be my predicted English marks and not a final mark. Would that count as sufficient proof of English proficiency considering that I had already completed IB English for one semester, or would I have to wait until the final offers?

    • “English proficiency” refers to TOEFL or IELTS testing (for English second language applicants only). A predicted mark for an English course is fine for the academic requirements.

  16. Hello, Professor Anderson,
    I have a couple of questions
    Quoting from your answer, “I wouldn’t say Grade 11 marks are never looked at. If the early round admission average is OK but the Grade 11 average was low, we might hold off on an offer until the later round to see if the required course marks in the second semester stay high”

    If my grade 11 average is in the high 70’s and my grade 12 TOP 5 average is in the low 90’s, does that reduce my chance to get an early acceptance since one may say it’s not consistent?
    (I go to a non-semestered school)


    Quoting from your answer, “Inconsistency in one course is not a big deal. Even if it’s all the courses it’s OK. It just raises questions about what’s going on”

    Do my grade 11 marks play a prominent role in getting an early offer since it’s not a “BIG” deal and it’s OK?

    Seeing 2 different answers confused me.

    Also, do you know what the average was for the top half of the civil engineering applicant pool last year?

    Thank you

    • For early rounds there is a significant grey zone where it may or may not matter, depending on the context. So it’s impossible to give a definitive answer in advance. I don’t know about civil specifically, but in general the top half ends around 91 to 93%, based on last year.

      • When you say depending on the “context”, do you mean the program? For example, when person A applies to software engineering, they will look at both grade 11 and grade 12 averages while when person B applies to environmental engineering, they will only look at your grade 12 average?

        Thank you

      • “Context” means how competitive the applicant pool is, where you rank, and how everything overall looks in comparison to others with similar grades. It’s the same idea for all programs.

  17. Hi Prof Bill,

    I have a question. I am currently in Grade 11. I have taken and finished Physics and Pre Calculus 11 ( 92%, 94%). However, my Chemistry 11 mark is in the low 80s range. I am taking Pre Calculus and Chemistry 12 next semester. If I get 95% + in those courses, will UW Engineering still consider my Grade 11 Chemistry mark. Please let me know as I am very anxious. My first choice is Chemical Engineering. And with these two Grade 12 courses completed, will it be possible for early acceptance.

    Thank you

  18. Yes Sir I am currently in Grade 11, I will be finishing Grade 12 in June 2015 and starting university in September 2015 but I was wondering if I would be considered for early acceptance as I will finish PreCalc 12 (Advanced Functions 12) and Chem 12 by next semester. I will also be finished English 12 in first semester of grade 12. I will take Physics 12 and Calculus 12 in Grade 12 Second semester. I was really interested in Chemical Engineering. Do you prefer a specific average which will be competitive like from 90-93. Please let me know whenever you can,

  19. Hi there,

    I am currently studying in an American School. (Overseas)

    What grade marks does UniverSity of Waterloo look at for either, Comp. Sci or Software Engineering programs? Keep in mind that I am talking about an American School.

    By the way, I’m taking the AP Calculus AB course currently (in 10th grade)

      • Hi.

        Thanks for the quick reply. For the engineering course, the physics, chem, calculus, English courses are from marks from 12th grade correct? So, 9,10, 11 don’t count at all? American schools have this GPA system. So for this engineering course, the GPA from 12th grade would be taken correct?

      • Hi,

        So will my AP Calculus AB grade be ignored? I will take AP Calculus BC next year (11 grade). So I assume that will count.

        However, I had a question about AP Calculus. On the website. It just says “AP Calculus” But which AP Calculus is this? AP Calculus AB or AP Calculus BC?

        Thanks again =)

      • When we say Grade 9, 10, 11, etc., we mean the level of the course, not the time when you took it. AP Calculus is considered a required (Grade 12 equivalent) course, so it is included. Either Calculus AB or BC is fine.

      • Hi,

        Thank you for the reply =)

        This is valuable information. Thanks again =)

        One last thing I wanted to question was grade emphasis & SAT.

        For the Software Engineering program, which classes’ grades are valued at the most? Would classes like Biology, History, be a great weight on the acceptance decision?

        What is the average SAT score there of the accepted people? Would SAT II (MATH II) be of any use to acceptance at all?

        Thank you

      • Our admission averages are mainly based on the maths, chemistry, physics and English courses. Any other courses have little to no impact. Unlike U.S. colleges, we don’t track the average SAT scores (because not a lot of applicants have them), so I don’t really know the average. SAT II scores in math, chem, or physics are useful to submit if you have them. They can help sway a decision.

      • Hi,

        Ok. What would a 4.0 (unweighted) GPA be equivalent to in the Canadian system (%)?

        How would an applicant with a 4.0 (unweighted) in Physics, Chem, Eng 12, AP Calculus be looked at? I realised that a 4.0 isn’t exactly a 100%, but UW may see it differently.

        Thanks for this 🙂

      • Hi,

        Wow, a 95%. Would that guarantee an admission? This is only for the SIX Grade 12 courses correct?

        I just want to reconfirm this once. If I do average in grade 9 (3.7 GPA OVERALL) If I do average in grade 10 (3.8 GPA). Would a 3.2 GPA in Biology (9th grade) kill my chances?

        Now this is what I want to reconfirm. FOR AMERICAN SCHOOL Students. University of Waterloo (Software) Engineering will look at the GPA of Physics, AP Physics, AP Calculus (AB & BC), AP Literature (or British Literature (which is equivalent to Eng 12)), Chemistry. And one other 12th grade level course?

        By the way, since I took AP Calculus AB in 10th grade, I am most likely eligible to take Multivariate Calculus in 12th grade (online). How would this look in my application if I am able to end with a final grade of anywhere between 3.8 – 4.0 (GPA)? What would happen to the credits?

        Thanks a bunch 😀

      • Yes American curriculum, we normally look for AP Physics, AP Calculus, Chemistry (preferably AP), Pre-calculus, English and one other grade 12 academic course. Grade 9 biology is irrelevant. Multivariate calculus is a positive factor, but whether we will credit it would only be determined later in June or July.

      • Hi Prof. Anderson,

        I just realized one thing. I will have Calculus, and chemistry/physics finished by the time of my application. But, I wont have AP Physics, or 12th grade English done. Is that a problem?

        Thanks 😀

  20. Hello professor.
    I am applying for Electrical Engineering. I am an Alberta Student and am writing my diplomas in the next few weeks. As of right now, the only Grade 12 prerequisite course that I’ve completed is Math 30, which I finished with 100 in. Due to weird timetables at my school, I am still finishing up Chemistry 20 this semester. Also finishing up in this semester are English 30 and physics 30. I have uploaded my midterm marks on Quest (Chem 20- 94%, ELA 30- 92%, Phys 30- 95%). I am really concerned because I don’t even have a completed grade 11 chemistry mark…how will my application even be considered? I am completing Chem 30 and Calculus next semester. So when you say most offers are given out in May, will they be looking at my midterm mark for Calculus and chem 20? Also, Quest only allows one unofficial transcript and Alberta Ed. does not send out midterm marks…so how will Waterloo view my updated marks when they arrive in the second semester. Also, I have not heard back from Waterloo after completing AIF and uploading unofficial transcript, so would you recommend that I send my Official transcripts as soon as diploma marks this semester are in?

    • You can only upload 1 transcript in Quest, but you can send additional ones later by email and they will be added to your file. We’ll use whatever up to date grade information you can send us by the end of March for the major final round.

  21. Hey Prof!
    If we don’t get into our first choice of engineering, when would we be considered for our alternates and when would we receive an offer for that? Would an alternate offer be sent out later when spots need to be filled?

  22. Hey professor Anderson. I am in Grade 11, for example if I take Chem 12 and finish it before Grade 12 starts, would Waterloo still look at my Grade 11 Chemistry mark for early admission if it was 82+ and Grade 12 chem mark was 90+. Would it be harder for me to get admission if my Grade 11 Chem was 80s. My other marks (math, physics) is 94%.

    • If a Grade 12 level mark exists we use it and generally ignore the Grade 11 version, unless it’s significantly lower (like less than 70%), in which case we may not proceed with an early offer but wait until later.

  23. Hello,
    I am applying to software engineering. I’ve looked around on the internet and people are saying that this program is extremely competitive and last years admission average was 95%. Last year, in grade 11, I had a 95% average, and am expecting to have a 93%+ average (top 5) by the end of first semester. I have taken ICS3U and will be taking 4U next semester. I have already submitted my AIF.
    Do you think it’s possible for me to receive an early offer, or an offer at all?
    Also, can you confirm that last years average was really that high?


  24. Hi Professor,
    I just got my toefl test result. Overall score isn’t a problem; but the score for speaking section is one mark off the requirement(24), can i still go for the early round?


  25. Hello professor, I am a tad concerned as my grade 11 functions mark was in the mid 70s, while my final grade 12 advanced functions mark is a hgih 90.I already submitted my aif and didn’t think I needed to explain why the increase(I had taken grade 11 functions in grade 10, and at that time I was somewhat depressed and didn’t think my marks counted, I was wrong). So should I make an amendment to explain why I went from a mid 70 to a high 90 or should I just leave It? I hope this does not have a negative affect on me or destroys my chances of getting an early offer.

  26. Good Day, Prof. Bill! It’s nice reading your blogs and it surely helps and motivates students like me in pursuing Engineering at uWaterloo. I got a couple of questions for you if you don’t mind.

    I am a fifth year student in my high school and currently applying for Mechatronics, Electrical and Mechanical (but I would really prefer the first two) and I am confused/afraid if I am still able to receive an “early admission” offer. I know it is ‘okay’ not to get one but it would lessen my stress and worries if I do get one.

    I am a very inconsistent student or maybe I wasn’t interested at my previous career path at all.(I switched career paths when I was on my fourth year from nursing to engineering when I was on my fourth year of high school and I have to catch up on Physics, Functions and Calculus) During my Gr11 years, I got a 65% on Functions, 72% Chemistry, 74% English but 97% Physics. But in my Grade 12 years (on my fourth and fifth year), I put alot of effort and dedication to my studies and got amazing grades. I got 90% English, 94% Adv. Functions, 95% Chemistry, 98% Physics and another 98% on both of my electives, namely Computer Science and Computer Engineering. I will be taking Calculus next semester and I am hoping to get atleast low 90’s on it.

    As you can see, my inconsistency is very ridiculous and I wonder if I am still able to get that early admission offer? Your answer will surely relieve me. Thank you.

  27. Hi Professor,
    My first choice is Systems Design engineering. After looking on the Waterloo engineering website, I found out that the undergraduate class for Systems Design consists of 100 students. My questions are:
    1) How many applicants are there for Systems Design?
    2) What is the borderline average for early admissions for Systems Design?

    My current average is an 89% and I have completed 4/5 of my prerequisites. This average includes the mid-term mark of my fifth prerequisite course.

  28. I have studied for two years (grade 7-8) at a Taiwanese high school and spent the rest of my high school years (grades 9-12) in a Canadian secondary school. However, when I go to the “documents” section on Quest, there is an upload button beside both the Taiwanese high school that I once attended and the secondary school that I am currently attending. Is it necessary to provide a transcript for the Taiwanese high school that I attended, considering that I only studied there up to grade 8? Thank you in advance.

  29. In the AIF courses section, it says to just list my Grade 12 marks. However, in the above comment, you said that Grade 11 marks can be listed as well. I have already submitted my AIF with solely grade 12 marks, should I go back and change it so that Grade 11 marks are included as well? In addition, how often are we supposed to send U of Waterloo updated transcripts and when should I submit my first semester mid-term and final marks if I want to be considered for an early offer? Thank you!

  30. Hi professor,
    I have a question. I applied for both math and software engineering at Waterloo. Software engineering requires chemistry 12 but math doesn’t. I don’t really want engineering department to use my chemistry 11 mark because it isn’t sufficiently high. I predict I can get my chemistry 12 interim mark in 2 weeks. So if I send my transcript to Waterloo now, and send another one after two weeks. Can my marks be reviewed twice by engineering department? Or can I let only the math department review my first transcript?

  31. Hi there, I received a conditional acceptance for Life Science at Waterloo. I would like to know that will the uni. revoke my admission if i do bad on my AIF but my marks remain high?

  32. Hey my grade 11 chemistry marks and english marks were bad but if i can pull it to a 95 in grade can I still get early accepted, if not can I still get accepted overall into for example an engineering course.

  33. Hi Professor,

    I sort of have a problem with the subjects required.

    My school counselor told me that I would be able to take AP Physics B in my senior year. Today I find out that I am signed up for AP Physics B in my junior year. This is okay, but the problem comes here. The requirements say TWO Physics courses. If I finish AP Physics B, then I basically don’t have TWO Physics courses, only one! What should I do? No other Physics courses are offered if you were wondering.

    Also, because of schedule problems, I have to take AP Literature (12th grade English) in 11th grade, and take American Literature (11th grade English) in 12th grade. Is this okay?

    I was thinking this one day, I have AP Calculus BC next year. This is the outline:

    AP Calculus AB – Sophomore (10th)
    AP Calculus BC – Junior (11th)
    (Possibility) Multivariable Calculus – Senior (12th)
    Which of these will count the most?

    Thanks a bunch 🙂

    • The requirements are two Physics courses, or one AP Physics, so that’s fine. AP Literature is good, and that’s probably what we will use for the average. For multiple calculus courses, we usually use the highest level course in the average (multivariable), or sometimes an average of all three.

  34. Hey, I have a question regarding this: “inconsistent Grade 11 versus Grade 12 marks”
    Would marks in the high 80s in grade 11 be a subject of concern, since my grade 12 marks are in the high 90s at the moment. Would that jeopardize my chance of getting an early acceptance?

    Thank you.

  35. Hi Professor Anderson, I have a question. Do you count language courses for admission, e.g. French 10 and French 11.

    Please let me know,

    Thank you

  36. Would a top 5 average of 92% guarantee an early admission for chem eng? When’s the earliest I would hear back?

  37. Hey,
    I have a question regarding the use of Grade 11 Marks for Grade 12 Marks when the Grade 12 course is not completed.

    I scored very low in physics(70’s) and I’m wondering if this will affect my chances of getting early acceptance. I’m in Grade 11, should I take it first semester and score high , so that my chances of getting in early would be higher? Or will that mark ruin my chances of getting in early? I have scored 90’s in Advanced Functions, and Calculus already.


  38. Hi Professor,
    I have a question about my mark: My current English mark on OUAC displays a lower mark than my actual mark due to a logistical error. This mark has been on the OUAC website for minimum of one week. I just found this out and my teacher has already done the paper work necessary to change my mark. I am wondering if this error already effected my application. What should I do in order to recover from this situation?

    Thank you,

      • Hi Professor,
        Thanks a lot for your quick apply and your time. Sorry, have to ask other questions. I am extremely stressful. Is there any way to let WU know my situation (my English mark should be 9% more) if marks have have been download from OUAC? How do I know whether my marks have been downloaded or not?
        Thanks a lot for your time.

      • Hi,

        I had a question strike my mind recently. What matters more for admission for AP Calculus. The AP Exam or GPA? (American School). Are AP classes (Especially AP Calculus) given weight to when deciding admissions?

        Thanks Sir.

  39. For civil engineering, will 93.2% of TOP 5 average have gotten an early acceptance without the AIF factor if it was last year?


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  41. Sir,i have received an early offer in BCS ,deptt of maths,i am currently in grade 12,i ve not done well in my one of the final standard subject,,expecting around 70%.though i v done very well in grades 9,10 and 11.what are the chances of offer getting there a way to avoid revocation

  42. I am from india and i have completed my grade 10 through ICSE board and i would like to opt for undergraduate study at uwaterloo, but I am little uncertain because in my grade 10 final score in my board examination was 78% and i have just passed my 11th grade and have recently attened one of the edu fair in ehich university of waterloo did took part and the authority who was representing uwaterloo told me that my early application will never be accepted at uwaterloo because i have only scored 78% in my 10th grade and i have no chance of getting into uwaterloo even though i am good at R&D and have undertaken many projects from grade 8th and still undertaking them.
    I would likr to know whether it is true or not and i am 100% certain that will be scoring 90+ marks throughout my 12th grade

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  44. Hello,

    Just wondering if this is how it works to calculate your top 5.

    In my case, English 12, Chemistry 12, advanced functions x2, and since physics is not done yet, my grade 11 mark will be used for calculation. I am doing grade 11 physics this year so I am submitting my physics 11 midterm marks

  45. How does Waterloo take into account your calculus mark if your in a non-semestered school and you haven’t received a mark yet?

  46. Does Waterloo disregard the sixth prerequisite course (i.e. Computer Science, or Data Management) for the early admission stage, even though one may have scored really high (100%)? In other words, are only the 5 prerequisite courses being looked at during this time (Early Offer)?

  47. Hello Professor!
    Thank you so much for the blog, my friends and I found it most helpful although not all of us are applying to Engineering. I was just wondering, in this post, the section in which you make early offer decisions, point #4, you mentioned “no consistency between grade 11 and 12 marks”. In my case, my English grade 11 (ENG3U) average was only 79, while my English grade 12 (ENG4U) average is 93. Is that considered inconsistent? (The averages of my other courses are quite consistent)
    Thank you so much for your help, Professor!

    • Differences of 10 or 15 marks are not unusual, it’s the 20+ differences that look odd and raise questions about whether it will be maintained throughout the rest of the academic year.

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